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Welcome ... Our Sire/Dam listing features over 630+ fine model horses of many breeds, with an emphasis on Sadddlebreds and Arabians.  All of our horses have their own pages containing photos, pedigree info (hyper-linked to any relatives in the LF barns!), offspring records and more!

Updates on foals are always appreciated! 

Most of our horses have bodies, and many are LS and PS winners/Champions.Many of our models are breeding stock only as well, until I find the right body!  Hope you find something you like!

My listing contains many years of pedigree assignment, and as information may have been a bit harder to come by in the earlier days - I find the occasional pedigree that may need to be tweaked to correct errors. If changes were made they are noted on the horses page (if there are affected offspring).

Info needed on requested breedings: Foal name, year foaled (they can be non-aging, but I require an assigned year for one of my mares), breed, gender, color. Sire and Dam - of one of the parents is not mine, please provide their breed/color/sire x dam as well. Email requests to heather.kapica78@gmail.com

I do not issue certificates - just approvals! All of my horses have easily accessible pedigree and progeny information on their pages that can be printed out if you desire. These pages are also kept up to date with the latest breedings and show information.

PLEASE - LIMIT YOUR REQUESTS TO 5 PER EMAIL! This will end up in faster approvals for you as super long emails can get overwhelming and I can get smaller batches out faster.

Heather Kapica (Lettengarver)

S/D List Corrections/Updates....
Doing a major reworking of the site for 2021 - I apologize for any broken links


Please note....
In 2009 I discovered that the following model identities were sold without my permission during my absence from the hobby (2002-2009), by someone whom had only been allowed to breed from my stock while I was away. I was very upset about this, as my email had never changed until 2009 and I was never contacted. Even if an attempt had been made - that did not give anyone the right to sell off my stock without my say-so, especially since a large sum of money was made from them!
This was theft, and I do not recognise the illegal sale of my horses - I feel bad for the other parties that paid money for these ID's - However, they will continue to be listed on my pages. I will add any foals currently in the Express registry (as of 3/20/09), any others will not recognized unless I am contacted for approval.
Arabian - Rolek, Silent Monarch, Dawids Delight, Foxesrcool, Purple Haze, Shawna Mia, Mira Taje.
Thoroughbred - Donovan [IRE], and Cyrillus.
Quarter Horse: Lady Moon, Bold King, Bold Lady
Appaloosa - Navajo Moon Bug