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Over the years I have had the pleasure and priviledge of working in many facets of the equestrian field. From Arabian race horses to World level Paint halter horses to A circuit Hunter/Jumpers.
I've come to a point in my career that I find the need to step back, take a break from the real horses and make a decision where I want to go from here. Call it a 30 year old crisis, or my poor back just isn't what it used be.
So with regret my horsey son Legacy will be moving on to a wonderful home in Michigan, where a talented young woman will be filling my dreams of an Endurance career for him. I will just look on as the proud breeder of this lovely and talented gelding that I bred and raised from birth. Of course, we do have an arrangement that if she should ever decide to part with him - he gets to come back home to his "mom". :-)
I think I may be moving into the area of Miniature horses for the next chapter of my career, and will likely be showing and breeding, as there is a healthy amount of Mini's here in the midwest. And I must admit - I look forward to developing a herd with some of the splashier colors in the Mini rainbow.
So for now, I am just checking out possible properties for a new facility, checking out the local breeders, going over bloodlines to see what fits my preferences etc. I'm in no hurry and enjoying the fact that I don't have to worry about picking up manure for the first time in 15 years! 

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