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"Grand Legacy" 

Crabbet Type Stallions

*Grand Sultan (Grand Pharaoh - Afer Ventus, Ludomino -r) 1972 dark liver chestnut. Crops 1977-1997. CM PAS, PS CHAMPION.

Count Nocturne (Asil Nocturne -r x Countess Of Lasma -r, *Count Dorsaz) 1978 grey, heavy *Raffles through sire. CM SM, LS Placed,  PS Winner. ARR#5657. Crops 1982-1998.

Grand Apollo (*Grand Sultan x *Venus Demilo, Shafreyn -r) 1980 dark liver chestnut, CM PAS. Crops 1984-2000.

*Marquis Donatien (Fire Gold -r x Lady Saranie -r, Indrani) 1984 bay, imported from GB. ARR#5658. Crops 1988-2004.

Sahara Marquis (*Marquis Donatien x Sahara Prophett, *Grand Sultan) 1988 bay Crops 1992-2008.

Grand Legacy (Grand Apollo x *Grey Queen, Greylight -r) 1989 chestnut sabino Crops 1993-2009.

Indian Sultan (*Grand Sultan x *Indian Jasmine, Silver Ulysses -r) 1995 dark liver chestnut. First crop 1999.

Crabbet Type Mares

*Venus Demilo (Shafreyn -r x Rose du Sable -r, Jaleel) 1960 chestnut Sabino mare.

*Florentine (Shafreyn -r x Rose du Sable -r, Jaleel) 1964 chestnut Sabino mare.

*Visalaa (Sala -r x Venus Demilo, Shafreyn -r) 1964 grey (chestnut Sabino base) mare.

*Afer Ventus (Ludomino -r x Indian Stardust -r, Ludo) 1967 chestnut mare. PS Placed

*Grey Queen (Greylight -r x Florentine, Shafreyn -r) 1968 grey (chestnut Sabino base) mare.

*Bint Prophett (Prophett x Sa Swann Sundae, Grand Pharaoh) 1973 bay mare. BOOK CLOSED! For reference only.

*Silvern Fire (Silver Flame -r x Silvern Dream -r, Silvadoris) 1984 grey mare.

Sahara Prophett (*Grand Sultan x *Bint Prophett, Prophett) 1984 chestnut mare.

*Indian Jasmine (Silver Ulysses -r x Sabra Yasmin -r,. Carrik Indianora) 1991 chestnut Sabino mare.

Supernatural (Count Nocturne x *Bint Prophett, Prophett) 1992 bay mare. CM China. NAN Qualified LS/PS CHAMPION.

CMK Stallions

Oktober Sultan (*Grand Sultan x Oktober Gold, HB Octavian -r) 1998 chestnut Crabbet/Maynesboro stallion.

CMK Mares

Kzinet (Eurkat x Nedjazz, Eutaj) 1962 chestnut Crabbet/Maynesboro mare. Line-bred heavily to *Euphrates (Davenport import).

Oktober Gold (HB Octavien -r x Sonrada -r, Skowroneks Antez)) 1983 chestnut CMK. Sire is 100% of Davenport breeding. PS Placed