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"Dark Oracle"


Highland Shadow (Northridge Freddy -r x Miriam Morgan -r, E F Sam) 1986 black stallion. OF Stone Chip Morgan. Open 1990 - 2006. LS Placed

Amaretto (Spirit Of Radio x Restless Wind, Roll The Bones) 1987 liver chestnut stallion. OF Stone Morgan. LS/PS PLACED. Open 1991 - 2007.

Java Noir (Brooksong Warning x Brooksong Three Wishes, Pecos Black Fox) 1988 bay stallion. OF Stone Morgan. Open 1992 - 2008.

Starfrost (Foxfore Star Voyager REM x Foxfire Jade Frost, Trophy's Jade -r) 1989 grey stallion. OF SR Stone Chip. Open 1993 - 2009. PS Placed

Golden Eagle (Yellow Bird x Bald Mt. Empress, Figures Royal Dream) 1989 palomino stallion. CM Stone Chip. Open 1993 - 2009.

Golden Royal (Foxfire Merely Forever x Foxfire Royal Cascade, Royal Fleetson -r) 1996 chestnut stallion. OF SR Stone Chip "Southern Cross". Open 2000 and on. PS Placed

Starbuck (Foxfire Playback x Foxfire Star Quality, Paramounts Nimonee -r) 1999 seal brown stallion. CM "Brookridge Brendan" Rsin by Behning.. Open 2003 and on. LS/PS Winner, 2x NAN Qualified

Dark Oracle (JMF Basic Black x Grand Oracle, Java Noir) 2008 black stallion. OF Stone . Open 2012 and on.


Pieces Of Eight (Crimson Jack -r x Saxon Lyric -r, Merry Bellsaxon) 1980 black silver mare.

Touch Of Gold (Triple S Red Wind -r x Triple S Gold Dusty -r, Mar-Los Colonel Hamtramck) 1986 palomino mare.

Cafe Mocha (Farewell To Kings x Grand Designs, Tedwin Topic -r) 1989 bay mare. CM SM. LS PLACED.

Mocha Latte (Amaretto x LS Pure Fashion, The Limelight) 1991 liver chestnut mare. OF SM. LS PLACED.

Grand Oracle (Java Noir x Cafe Mocha, Farewell To Kings) 1993 bay mare. OF Safari.

Highland Queen (Highland Shadow x Cafe Mocha, Farewell To Kings) 1994 bay mare. Carlee Balling Morgan resin.

Devine Magic (Blacksaddle Starbuck -r x Devine Golly Gee Whiz -r, Sandrock Joel) 2004 brown buckskin mare. OF Breyer.