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Crimson Flame (Heretic x SLM Draken's Rose, WBP Scotland Fling) 1988 bay. OF H-R Mini. Open 1992 - 2009. PS PLACED

Season Of Mists (Commander Jacob -r x Anne of Golden Dawn -r, Golden Dawn)) 1988 bay. OF unknown china. PS PLACED. Open 1992 - 2008.

Blackstone Omega (SLM Orcrist x Milday Elizabeth) 1990 black sabino. OF Stone. Open 1994 and on.

Fire Season (Season Of Mists x Blackstone Fire, Solomon's Chief -r) 1996 bay. OF PS SR Chips Drafter. Crops 2000 and on. PS Placed

Metamorphoses (SLM Seaghdh x Scotland Storm, WBP Highland Fling) 1991 bay. OF Chip. Open 1995 and on. LS/PS Placed

Serenata Nottourna (Pachelbel Canon In D x CB Correli's La Folia, Dexter's Prince Danny) 1987 bay mare. LS PLACED

Blackstone Fire (Solomon's Chief -r x Plainsview Georgia -r, Bardrill Glenord) 1988 bay mare. OF Safari. PS Placed


Blackstone Damien (Fox's Rebel Lee x Sundance Cardinal) 1989 sorrel. OF Micro mini. Open 1993 - 2009.

Noble Gold (Majestic's Definite Contender x Noble Lady, Noble King) 1997 chestnut. OF Micro mini. PS Placed


Oberon (Larkje x Bietse) 1988 black. CM Game Works charger. Open 1992 - 2008.

Schrei (Lute -r x Freeckje star -r, Naen) 1989 black. PS Placed

Blackstone Velvet (Sabre x Aerie) 1992 black. OF Micro mini. LS CHAMPION


Beam Me Up Scotty (Justamere Showtime -r x Silver Exe Primrose -r, Justamere Defender) 1969 dapple-grey. OF SM. Crops 1973-1990.

Blackstone Arctic Blast (Pat's Laet Successor -r x Black & White's Bridget -r, Ricinus Royal) 1981 dapple-grey Canadian import. OF Micro-Mini. Crops 1985 - 2001.

Blackstone Silver Fury (Innishugh Duke -r x Buckeye Cindy II -r, Easter Fury) 1978 grey mare, OF Micro. PS Placed

Blackstone Hot Gypsy (Valley View Cole II -r x Moose Mountain Susie -r, Lucky 5 MRV's Long John) 1994 black mare.


Sir Corin (Ruskington King William -r x Elian Grey Lass, Elian Grey King) 1982 dapple-grey. OF SR Clydesdale stallion. Open 1986 - 2002.

Blackstone Grey Knight (Sir Corin x Blackstone Elana, Blackstone Invader) 1989 grey. Open 1993 - 2009. PS Placed

Blackstone Saracen Song (SQ Busman's Holiday x Blackstone Sweetness, Ladbrook Courage -r) 1993 grey sabino. Open 1997 and on. PS Reserve Champion

Blackstone Gay Prince (Valiant's Black Prince -r x Jenson Sampson Nellie -r, Illusion Farms Mister Sampson) 2001 black. Open 2005 and on.

Blackstone Elana (Blackstone Invader x Blackstone Grey Regent, Hordely Gray King -r) 1982 dapple-grey. OF SR Clydesdale mare. LS PLACED - PS PLACED

Blackstone Sweetness (Ladbrook Courage -r x Lathom Primrose -r, Quixhill Gay Lad) 1988 black. OF Sears SR Shire. LS PLACED - NAN Qualified.

Blackstone Sweet Liquorice (Blackstone Grey Knight x Blackstone Sweetness, Ladbrook Courage -r) 1994 black. OF Safari.

Blackstone Haute Aires (Fox Valley Felix -r x Gentle Giant Dynasty -r, Grayingham Lucky Lad) 1996 black sabino. OF Micro.

North American Spotted Draft

BS Hot Diamond (Ebony DIamond x Blackstone Hot Gypsy, Valley View Cole II -r) 1998 black Tobiano stallion. OF Micro Mini.
Grecian Fire (Blackstone Damien x Olympic Winner, Olympia Joe -r) 1993 bay Tobiano mare. OF G3 SM. LS Placed


Xenophon (Amurrio x Schrei, Lute -r) 1999 grey stallion. OF G3 SM. LS/PS Placed

Oracle (Oberon x Girassol, Heroe Mac -r) 2007 chestnut stallion. OF Safari Charger. PS WINNER

Georgian Grande

Vermelho (Carlos Santana -r x Blackstone Velvet, Sabre) 1998 buckskin stallion. OF Chip. 2x NAN Nominated LS/PS Placed