The horse above is Rįna, a young Mage stallion
Reference Sheet for Elerrasse Mages

Species: Elerrassė

Class: Mage

General: Unicorn breed, conformation varies between familial herds, abundant thick mane and tail, NO feathering/beard or cloven hooves. Horn is centered on the forehead slightly above the eyes, horn can be of varying hues.

The Genetics: Mages can be born from any combination of class parents, they randomly pop up among non-Mage parents - however having one or both parents a Mage increases the chances significantly. For instance:
2 non-Mage parents - 1 in 20 foals
1 Mage parent / 1 non-Mage - 1 in 10 foals
2 Mage parents - 1 in 5 foals

Coloring: Mages are ONLY pure true white. They are born this way and only Mages come in this color. It is a sign of their Gift.

Eye color: Mages have blue eyes, it can vary from pale to royal but always some shade of blue.

Dye patterns: Elerrassė are fond of having patterns dyed into their coat by their talented little Li'Ken servants. Any pattern imaginable is possible, from a few select designs to a full body pattern. Mages only wear blue dye, no other Elerrasse may wear this color. It is possible for a Mage to be a Noble as well (depending on his/her parentage) however they will still only wear Mage colors.

Adornment: Elerrassė are rather fond of jewelry, baubles, and anything that will enhance their appearance. No saddles and bridles of course - as they are not ridden (the Li'ken couldn't manage it if they tried) as they are the ruling race in their world. Mages tend to be flamboyant - the more outlandish the better for them!

Purpose: Mages are able to utilize a broad variety arcane talents - from offensive and defensive magics to controlling the elements. A Mage will generally have one particular talent that they focus on though. If you plan on creating a Mage run their particular talent by me and I'll let you know if it's possible.


Elerrassė are a creation by me (HeatherKapica) - if you would like to create your own Elerrassė feel free, but please follow the breed reference sheets, or contact me if you are unsure on something - send me a link when you are done and I'll add it to the official Herd Archives!
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