Home to all of the unique Fantastical Creatures that do not fall into the realm of normal equines. This page is under construction so check back for new goodies!

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(c) Heather Kapica Stark CM Breyer Huck to a pegasus stallion of pure awesome, king of the herd and full of 'tude. He was brought to life by Rayvin Brewer and Shauna McDaniel. Click his pic for full photo gallery 4x NAN Qualifier
(c) Heather Kapica Fauna OF Stone Chip foal - Fantasy Trophy model for Equilocity 2014
(c) Heather Kapica Grumpy - SOLD CM Breyer SM Mustang to a Cosmic Unicorn by Legacy Studios
(c) Heather Kapica Flutterbug - SOLD CM Breyer SM Drafter to a Alicorn by Legacy Studios, coloring inspired by some iridescent blue-green beetles.
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