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Show Information & Rules
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NWIAC 2009

WHENSaturday, October 10th, 2009


WHERE:  Courtyard Marriott - 7850 Rhode Island Ave., Merrillville, IN 46410


COST : $20 per shower, for 1/2  (3ft) table

                  $35 per shower for a Full (6ft) table.

                 There is a limit of 20 full tables so get your entries in early!


All entries must be received by October 8th.  No walk-ins. Paypal information and mailing information for USPS money orders is on the entry form. Personal checks are not accepted. 


No shared entry fees: Please note that each shower is required to pay a fee, this includes family members and proxy showers.


SET UP: 7:00 am. You will need to check in with the Show Secretary, prior to setting up your table. You must check-in proir to entering the show room to pick-up your show packet and sign your release form.

PLEASE NOTE: The show hall is on the second floor of the hotel, and there is no elevator (a chairlift is present for those who may need it). It is not a hard set of stairs - however we have a few strong men handy for anyone who may need assistance with their horses.


SHOW BEGINS: 8:00 a.m. Sharp.


AWARDS: Flat ribbons for 1st through 3rd place. Divisional Champion/Reserve receive small Rosettes. Overall Divisional Champion/Reserve receive large rosettes.


First and second place winners will also get a NAN card which qualifies them to enter the 2010/2011 North American Nationals.

This list of judges is tentative and will change.



Rules are in effect for this MEMBER SHOW.  Each horse that is awarded a first or second placing will be given a "NAN Card". This card allows the model entry to the North American Nationals in either 2010 or 2011. It is the winner's responsibility to fill this card out completely and to keep track of it.  Replacement cards are not issued by either the showholder or NAMHSA for any reason. Judges are not to show in the divsions they are judging.  Judges are not to judge the horses of their "relatives/significant others".  Judges may not judge horses they have owned within the last 6 months, nor are they to judge any horse upon which they have collaborated upon creating.  Please see


AREA HOTELS: Please see the Lodging page.


LUNCH: There will be a 1 hour lunch break around Noon.  There are a number of fast food restaurants within 1 mile of the hotel and several places deliver (Pizza, Chinese, Subs).


REFUNDS: ALL requests for refunds must be made at least ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE in writing (or email that has been received and responded to) to the show coordinator. Refunds will ONLY be made for extenuating circumstances.


CLASS LIMITS3 models per Breed class, 2 performance per class.  Each model may only be entered in ONE Breed class in the entire show.  This does not include performance.


MODEL IDENTIFICATION all models are to be tagged by the owners, PRIOR to the show, with white string tags, approximately 1 x 1.5" in size. These "price tags" are available at WalMart and office supply stores. The models breed and gender are to be on one side of the tag; the models name and the owners three initials are to be on the reverse. When horses are placed on the table, the tags MUST be breed/gender side up, with the owner's initials FACING THE TABLE to make the entry anonymous, or the judge may disqualify the entry.


SHOW TABLESEach entrant will have a half (3 ft) or full (6 ft) table space.  See entry fees for rates. ALL of your personal property must fit on or under this table.


Any damage is the sole responsibility of those involved.  It is not the liability of the show/show holders.  Please be courteous to others.  Everyone has a small space and we must keep within the space provided.


ELECTRONIC DEVICE POLICYElectronic devices (phones, lap tops, etc.) are allowed.  Just be reasonable as to the volume. Wireless internet is avaliable for free in the hotel.


SECURITY AND LIABILITY: Security is the responsibility of each individual exhibitor.  Show management, judges, volunteers and other associated parties shall not be held liable for any kind of  damages or loss to persons or property.


CHILDRENIt is suggested that young children are not brought to the show as they become bored and in their activity may damage personal property of others.  If you must bring your child(ren) please note is it your responsibility for their behavior. You may be asked to remove the child(ren) from the show site if they become disruptive, and classes will not be held up and refunds will not be given. You will also be held liable for any damage that your child(ren) do.


PETS are not allowed.


No alcohol or smoking in the show building.


Foul language and unsportsmanlike conduct are grounds for dismissal from the show with no refunds.


Do not handle anyone else's horses for ANY reason without their permission.


UNCLAIMED MODELS: Models not removed from the show tables in a rapid and timely manner will be moved to a "Pony Pound".  The show/staff shall not be held liable for damage or loss to these models.




Please stay away from the judges while they are judging. Save your questions for between classes. All decisions are final and are up to the individual judge.


ORIGINAL FINISH MODELS ARE NOT TO BE ALTERED IN ANY WAY. Repairs only are allowed. These models MAY be restored; however it is the discretion of the judges as to whether or not the model has been restored or repaired properly. Judges may disqaulify altered horses at their discretion.


TIPPY MODELS may be shown lying down on a soft cloth. If you do not want this model handled, place a 3x5 card next to it stating that the model is NOT to be touched. If the judge is not to handle the model, the judge may so choose not to include it in the judging. 


JUDGES:  Show management reserves the right to assign any judges to any classes or divisions at any time. All NAMHSA rules will be followed in the assignment of judges and the actions of judges. Judging is the opinion of the individual judge, and personal opinions cannot be controlled or legislated by the show management.