Saber Dance

1983 black stallion

      Hoist The Flag
    Alleged TB  
      Princess Pout
  Supposedly Midnight    
      Go Man Go
    Midnight Lady  
      Miss Midnight Leo
Saber Dance      
      Nearctic - r
    Artic Dancer  
      Quest's Ata Dancer
  Miss High Blade
      Quest's Irishman
    Irish Wine  
      War Tribute

Model Offspring

1988 - RD Dancing Ace, black filly (ex Play An Ace) o/b Heather Trudgeon
1988 - One Hot Dance, black filly (ex Caliente) o/b Kim Carothers
1988 - Swinging Cat Blues, grey filly (ex Miss Night Cat) o/b Christie Richardson
1990 - NS Dancing Doll, chestnut Overo Paint filly (ex Revenues Miss Doll) o/bDaralyn Wallace
1994 - Chipinge, black colt (ex Caliente, Cyrillus TB) 2(1-1-0) SI:70 Stakes placed
1994 - Broadway Blues, blue roan colt (ex Broadway Musical)
1995 - Sabre Desto, black filly (ex Destinada, Cyrillus TB) 2(0-2-0) SI:67
1995 - I Ain't Misbehavin', black colt (ex Champs Gold Queen) o/b Laura Bernardi
1995 - War Dancer - grullo filly (ex War Dazzle), o/b Natasha Powers
1995 - Saber Blue, black filly (ex Psychic Blue) o/b Windmere Stables
1996 - Danse Macabre, black filly (ex Haunted Melody)
1997 - Saber Song, chestnut filly (ex Azure Song TB) o/b Erica Jelen
1997 - GEC's Dangerous Thoughts, bay filly (ex Dare To Dream) o/b June Darren

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