Princess Plaudit

1972 black leopard mare

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Model Offspring

1976 - Rebel Plaudit, black blanket colt by Go Rebel Go QH -r
1977 - Princess Rica, bay semi-leopard filly by Ricas Gold -r
1978 - Plaudit's Purty Girl, black leopard filly by Roman's Straw Man -r - o/b Amber Fraley
1979 - Diablo Rose, chestnut leopard filly by Spotted Diablo
1980 - NS Dancing Princess, black spotted blanket filly by Cyrillus TB, o/b Beth Gustas
1981 - Popular Proposition, black blanket colt by Rebel Plaudit, o/b Beata Parsons
1982 - NS Prince Of War, black leopard colt by Cyrillus TB, o/b Shanon Range
1983 - Pretty Signature, black leopard colt by Battle Command, o/b June Darren
1984 - Roman Goddess, sorrel semi-leopard filly by On Cloud Nine -r
1985 - Star Spangled Banner, black leopard colt by Upper Management, o/b Sweetbrooke Farms LS PLACED
1986 - FTS Crazy Flame, black leopard filly by Rock Hard, o/b June Darren
1987 -
1988 - Texas Tornado, black leopard filly by Rock Hard, o/b Darcy Olson
1989 - RBA Dashing Applause, black leopard colt by Dashing Gentleman - o/b Christie Richardson
1990 - Resolute, chestnut leopard Araloosa colt by Absolute, o/b Christie Richardson
1991 -
1992 -

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