Miss Spotted Bar

1985 sorrel leopard mare

      Three Bars TB
    Camptown Boy QH  
      Miss Louton
  J & B Bull Bar -r    
      Winken Wayne QH
    J & B Spotted Fawn II  
      J & B Spotted Fawn
Miss Spotted Bar      
      Prince Plaudit
    Prince Star Trek -r  
      Kay's Sugar Bee
  Miss Hancock Princess    
      Little Red Dog
    Nifty Hancock -r  
      Miss Foggy

Show Results

May. 2001 - SCSC Live Show - 3rd

Model Offspring

1989 -
1990 - Spotted Southernly, black leopard filly by Dixie Gigilo o/b Christie Richardson
1991 - Miss Moon Bar, chestnut semi-leopard filly by Full Moon Fever, o/b Amanda Dionne
1992 -
1993 -
1994 - PLS Ms. Hard To Miss, black leopard filly by Rock Hard, o/b pharlapp@att.net
1995 - Full Moon Bar, bay semi-leopard filly by Full Moon Fever, o/b Windmere Stables
1996 - Miz Dancing Bar, black blanket filly by Midnight Waltz, o/b Erica Jelen 1(0-1-0) SI:83
1997 - Rebel Spot, black leopard colt by Rebel Plaudit, o/b Candi Cooper-Towler 1(0-0-0-1) SI:80
1998 - Cerberus, sorrel semi-leopard gelding by Cyrillus SI:85
1999 - Mr Sly Bar, black leopard gelding by Sly Gambler SI:83
2000 -
2001 -
2002 -
2003 - GTF Bar The Blues, blue roan leopard filly by Blue Moon Battlestar, o/b Nora Gunderman
2004 -
2005 -

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