Duneland Downs Rules

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Track Rules
For now, entries are limited to 2 horses per owner per race so that I can get these out in a reasonable time frame.
No maidens with pending starts in maiden races.
I reserve the right to split fields according to conditions, sex, by owner, or as I see fit.
Walkovers in stakes races will run as official timed trials, all other races will be combined, cancelled or more entries will be called for in order to fill in a race as needed.
You must be an MAJC member to enter races. Horses must be registered to enter a race - if a horse has a pending registeration, I will know (I'm the registrar LOL).
Legacy Farms bred horses are welcome to race here.
Racing notes are VERY important at Duneland Downs.  Not only should there be information on the horse itself, but also about the parents and grandparents. Horses without this information may not do very well at Duneland.  In other words, if you don't tell me about the horse, his/her parents, etc, I probably don't know about their accomplishments and therefore, cannot score appropriately.  
Though they are not required, Trainer's Notes can sometimes be the difference between a win and place, so if you have done something special with or to your horse, tell me about it.  It make give your horse an extra point or 2.
If you need ideas on how to write up your race card feel free to see how mine are on my "Racing String" page.