The horse above is Daracha, a young Highland mare
Reference Sheet for the Elerrassė Highland herd

Species: Elerrassė

Class: none, Highland's prefer the Wildlands and generally ignore any caste recognition except that of their Herd Lord

General: Unicorn breed, conformation is of Draft type, abundant thick mane and tail, the only strain to have thick feathering on the legs. Horn is centered on the forehead slightly above the eyes, horn can be of varying hues.

Coloring: Highland horses have a predominant silver gene, and commonly also have a metallic sheen to their coats.

Eye color: Commonly green or teal, occasionally amber. .

Dye patterns: While Elerrassė are normally fond of having patterns dyed into their coat, Highland's often avoid this vanity for a more natural look.

Adornment: Elerrassė are rather fond of jewelry, baubles, and anything that will enhance their appearance - and here the Highland's are no exception, though they prefer more natural earthy colors.

Purpose: Highland Elerrassė have a close bond with the land, and can use a subtle magic to keep it in balance by altering weather patterns, encouraging plant growth etc.


Elerrassė are a creation by me (Heather Kapica) - if you would like to create your own Elerrassė feel free, but please follow the breed reference sheets, or contact me if you are unsure on something - send me a link when you are done and I'll add it to the official Herd Archives!
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