The Finish Line A RPG focused on breeding and racing Thoroughbreds, Arabians, Quarter HOrses, Paints and Appaloosas. How to join: Come up with a farm name, check the list of registered farms to make sure your name is not taken. Create a journal entry for your farm page, feel free to elaborate on your breeding goals, racing colors, staff etc. Once you have the basics down though please note Darchiel with join requests in this format: - Deviant ID: - Farm Name: - Breeds you are intending to raise: Once approved you will be added to the list of Registered Farms. :) Acquiring Horses: You may acquire horses in a variety of ways.... 1. Foundation horses - you can create horses from scratch, these horses will not have a pedigree history and will start a legacy of their own. 2. Adoption/Rescue - Horses may be offered by members for adoption, these may be lined or foundation horses, each member will have their own requirements for passing these horses on. 3. Breeding - Contact a member with horses up for stud/brood to see if you can arrange for a foal to be produced. We do not require a breeding picture (you may create one if you desire), but the foal owner is responsible for coming up with an image for the foal. Horse images: Horses will not be recognised in game, or be able to be registered until they have a image. Horses images may be in a variety of formats including, but not limited to: - Digital art (you must use your own lineart) - Traditional art (painted, color pencils, etc.) - 3D art - Customized model horses (no original finish!) - model must be photographed in a realisitc horse like setting (ie NOT your shelf/desk - make attempt to be as real as possible). Pieces commissioned from other Deviant Artists to portray your horses are perfectly acceptable. We all have our own specialties and I encourage supporting your fellow deviants! Anyone found stealing other artists works will be immediately banned and reported to DA. Registration: Horses must be registered to be recognized for breeding or racing in the club. All horses racing must be descended from registered stock or registered foundation stock themselves. Please submit registrations to Darchiel in this format: Name: Gender: Breed: Age: Height: Color: Markings: Passible Traits: Sire/Dam: Other: For stud/lease: