Duneland Downs Date: March 1st, 2010

Track Location: Portage, IN

Track Condition: fast and hard

NOTES: All winners established track records for this meet.

Weather: mild, 53 degrees, Partly Cloudy

@ = favorite

Entrants(#): Sandra Bickel (SBI)-7; Alicia Vogel(AVO)—1

Total Horses: 8

All purse splits: 1st = 55%, 2nd = 21%, 3rd = 11%, 4th = 8%, 5th = 5%

$2,500: 1st = $1,375, 2nd = $525, 3rd = $275, 4th = $200, 5th = $125
$5,000: 1st = $2,750; 2nd = $1,050, 3rd = $550, 4th = $400, 5th = $250

Race # 1 Mdn 4/up 7f $2500 Time: 1.44.7

1/2 - 1 1/2L--@Tamina (SBI) 04f/mp (Tapek X Domena, Buskaszi) Br: Sentinel Farms, IA —“up front fast and held to finish strong”
2/2 - Pergola (SBI) 05f/mp (Fahnet X Roaza, The Romanzea) Br: Cross R Ranch, FL —“challenged valiantly throughout, not enough prevail today”

Race # 2 Mdn 4/up 1m $2500 Time: 2:09.2

1/2 - nose -Carillon FR (SBI) 05f/Unpl (Chant de Loup X Calixte, Tidjanie) Br: Mary-Ann Jantz, Clearly International, FR —“let stablemate set pace before sweeping up in the final yards”
2/2 - @Fanning The Flames (SBI) 06f/mp (Flaming Zen X Love Falcon, Almarah My Falcon) Br: October Moon Acres, IL —“almost took it wtw, caught by suprise”

Race # 3 Alw 4/up 1 1/2m $5000 Time: 3:03.6

1/3—1L--Veils Of Sand (AVO) 06f/Upl (Burning Sand -r X Black Aria, Raun) Br: The Un Stable —“took lead from the break and held, faltered slightly in stretch but recovered to finish strong”
2/3—nose--@CRR Aurora Borealis (SBI) 05f/mpl (Shining Star X Hru Temr, Hmr Ru) Br: Cross R Ranch, FL —“followed close on leader, made a bid for the lead down the stretch but could not hold”
3/3--Royal Hawk (SBI) 06f/unpl (Lord Wiking X Snowhawk, Magique Snapdragon) Br: Desert Fox Arabians, MA —“trailed early, moving up late but ran out of track ”

Race #4 Alw 3/up 6f $5000 Time: 1:39.3

1/1--Divide (SBI) 06c/mw (Moirun X Domena, Buskaszi) Br: Sentinel Farms, IA —“enjoyed an easy walkover romp to establish the track record”

5. Ogden Sprint 4/up 5f, $9,000 - NO ENTRIES

6. SW Dawid Memorial 4/up 1 1/4m $12,000 - NO ENTRIES