Silvern Fire

1984 grey mare

      Indian Magic
    Indian Flame II  
  Silver Flame -r    
      Silver Vanity
    Silver Ripple  
Silvern Fire      
      Silver Magic
  Silvern Dream -r    
      Silver Vanity
    Silver Ripple  

Model Offspring

1988 - Silvern Radiance, grey ? by Silvern Idyll -r o/b Lissa Wickham
1989 - Silvern Aulraba, grey filly by Aulrab -r
1990 - Silvern Mielikki, grey filly by Silvern Idyll -r, o/b Lissa Wickham
1991 - PV Arctic Defiance, grey filly by Count Noctourne, o/b
1992 - Sultan's Fire, chestnut filly by *Grand Sultan, o/b Jeni Hoppenrath
1993 - Silvern Countess, chestnut filly by *Grand Sultan, exported to UK - o/b Ashley Long
1994 - Su Mac Lad, chestnut colt by Grand Sultan, o/b Derrinstown Stud
1995 - Silver Dream, grey filly by *Marquis Donatien, exported to UK - o/b Ashley Long
1996 - Absolute Silver, grey colt by Absolute
1997 - Drakkon Fire, grey colt by Drakkon - o/b Carly Przywara
1998 - Nocturnal Fire, grey filly by Count Nocturne, o/b Candi Cooper-Towler
1999 - Rosanabad, grey (bay base) colt by Manassah, o/b Monica Hinkle
2000 - Ya Bint Al Riyah, grey (chestnut base) filly by Grand Legacy, o/b Cynthia Michaelis
2001 - Open
2002 - Open
2003 - Open
2004 - Open

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