Bold King

1984 bay stallion

    King's Starlight  
  Roger's King -r    
      Mr. Black Man
    Vermejo Dixie  
      Vermejo Amber
Bold King      
      Bold Favorite
    Bright Favorite TB -r  
      Bright Eyes
  Bold Lady    
      Tonto Ben
    Tonto Top Flight -r  
      My Belle

Model Offspring

1987 - GEC's Sunshine Warrior, sorrel filly (ex Miss Hancock Princess) o/b June Darren
1988 - Rascal Flatts, chestnut colt (ex Somthingbold) o/b Natasha Powers
1990 - Kings Bold Duck, bay filly (ex Ducks Royale) o/b Natasha Powers
1991 - Bacardi Aftermidnite, sorrel filly (ex Dusty Sugareeda) o/b Maria Como
1992 - NS Bold Kestrel, grey Overo Paint filly (ex Psychic Kestrel) o/b Dana Renzi
1992 - The Rose, bay Overo Paint filly (ex Easytosee) o/b Natasha Powers
1992 - RD Golden Royal, bay filly (ex Champs Gold Queen) o/b Diana Hauser
1993 - Zippn Cros A Lady, bay filly (ex Champs Gold Queen) o/b
1993 - Daniella, black filly (ex Destinada, Cyrillus TB) 2(1-0-0-1) SI:45
1993 - Irish King, bay colt (ex Irish Blade TB) 1(0-1-0) SI:79
1993 - Misdeamenor, bay blanket Appaloosa filly (ex Lady In Waiting) o/b Natasha Powers
1994 - RD Bold Princess, bay filly (ex Champs Gold Queen) o/b Heather Trudgeon
1995 - Bold Assassin, bay colt (ex Miss High Blade TB) 2(0-0-0-1) SI:62 o/b Lindsay Orler
1995 - Starlit Rose, chestnut Appy filly (ex KT Rose) 7(2-2-3) SW SI:84
1996 - Deliverance, black colt (ex Destinada) MW SI:89
1996 - Ella Of Frell, bay filly (ex Justa Lady Bug) o/b ???
1997 - Bold And Sassy, sorrel filly (ex Caliente, Cyrillus TB)6(2-3-0-1) SW SI:102
1997 - Bold In Black, bay filly (ex Lady In Black) o/b Mike Jelen
1998 - Pouncer, black filly (ex Slinky Kitty) 5(0-0-0) $200 SI:89, o/b Heather Trudgeon
1998 - Destinys Child, black filly (ex Destinada) Winner SI:88
1998 - Hot N Spicy, sorrel filly (ex Caliente) 1(1-0-0) $1650 SI:92
1998 - Dancing King, black colt (ex Dance N Play)1(0-1-0) $630 SI:90
1998 - Moon Charm, bay filly (ex Lady Moon) Winner SI:96
1999 - Favorite Dance, black filly (ex Dance N Play) Winner SI:87
1999 - The Messenger, bay Overo Paint filly (ex Moon Dove) 3(0-1-1) $800 SI:93, o/b Heather Trudgeon
1999 - Diamond King, grey gelding (ex Smoky Diamond) 5(0-0-2) $700 SI:84, o/b Heather Trudgeon

The following foals were created without my permission and registered with the Express during my absence from the hobby, if you have any information on the current owners please let me know so I can record them properly.

1994 - Miss King, chestnut filly (ex Bettor's Miss -r)
1998 - Princess Cash, chestnut filly (ex Just For Kicks)
2002 - Bold Dreamer, bay filly (ex Splash Dreams)
2002 - Virginia King, grey colt (ex Virginia Hill)
2002 - Queen Lady Bug, bay filly (ex Justa Lady Bug) Winner
2002 - Kings River, bay gelding (ex Catfish River) SI:87
2002 - Im Boldly Flyin, bay filly (ex Im Flyin)
2002 - Fire Chief, chestnut filly (ex Fire Wand) SI:83
2002 - The Bold N The Best, black colt (ex Just The Best) SI:82
2002 - Bold Kisses, bay filly (ex Kiss Me High -r) Alw SI:100
2003 - Bold Profit, bay filly (ex Miss Fair Profit -r)
2003 - King Of Fire, chestnut colt (ex Fire Wand)
2003 - Starflight, bay filly ex Sayyadina)
2003 - King Of Holland, sorrel colt (ex Double Dutch) Winner SI:88
2003 - King Of The Moon, bay gelding (ex Moonshiner) Multi Stakes placed Winner
2003 - Dancing Bold, bay gelding (ex Majestic Dancer)MW SI:82
2003 - Cindy Lou Who, bay filly (ex BCR Cindy Sue -r)MW SI:92
2003 - Just The Queen, bay filly (ex Just The Best)
2004 - A Bold Goodbye, black Tobiano Paint filly (ex A Bad Goodbye)
2004 - Benevolent King, bay colt (ex Beneficent)
2004 - Kissin King, bay gelding (ex Kissin Dance)
2004 - Bold Bar, sorrel gelding (ex Best Bar)
2004 - Return Of The King, bay gelding (ex Comebacklilshe) Alw winner SI:102
2004 - Bold N Gold, bay filly (ex All THat Gold)
2004 - Queen OfThe Shadows, bay filly (ex One Shadow) SI:83
2004 - Bold N Impressive, bay filly (ex Doubly Impressive)
2004 - Headmistress, bay filly (ex Girlschool)
2004 - Lucky King, chestnut gelding (ex Pushing Luck)
2004 - Star King, bay colt (ex Sir-Kit Star) Winner SI:91
2004 - King Witch, brown gelding (ex The Wicked Witch) Winner SI:92
2004 - Kill The King, bay Tobiano Paint gleding (ex Killing Time) SI:85
2004 - Bold N Fancy, bay blanket Appaloosa gelding (ex Fancy Silver Spider)MW SI:80
2005 - Bold N Lacy, chestnut filly (ex Sun Faded Lace)
2005 - Shining King, brown geldign (ex Dazzling)
2005 - King Of The Rockies, bay colt (ex Rockies Fan)
2005 - Forsaken Queen, bay filly (ex Forsaken Gold)
2005 - Kingfisher, black filly (ex Fishin Hole)
2005 - Blue Eyed King, bay Overo Paint gelding (ex Blue Eyes Princess)
2005 - Bold Heart, buckskin filly (ex Fuel My Heart)
2005 - Famous King, grey gelding (ex Famous Pleasure) SI:86
2005 - Bold La Jolla, bay gelding ex Sweet La Jolla
2005 - Buttered Rum, cremello Overo Paint gelding (ex Tough Scout)
2005 - Bold N Dashing, bay filly (ex Dashing Dancer)
2005 - Whats The Kings Name, bay gelding (ex What's My Name)
2005 - Raging Fire, Bay Overo Paint filly (ex Savannah Burn)
2005 - Bold Plaudit, bay blanket Appaloosa filly (ex Mulberry Plaudit)
2005 - Charge It, brown Overo Paint colt (ex Some Billing)
2005 - Bold Breeze, bay Overo Paint filly (ex Little Breeze)
2006 - Blue Corn King, bay blanket Appaloosa gelding (ex Blue Corn Moon)
2006 - Diamond King, sorrel gelding (ex First Down Diamond)
2006 - Bold Diva, chestnut filly (ex Sayyadina)
2006 - Splash N Bold, bay gelding (ex Splash Dreams) SI:83
2006 - Hesa Darling King, bay colt (ex Shes A Darling Dasher)
2007 - Bold Garden, bay gelding (ex Hanging Garden)
2007 - Desert Oasis, bay filly (ex Desert Shield)
2007 - Devious King, bay gelding (ex One Secret)
2007 - Let Me Be, red dun filly (ex Let It Be Me)
2007 - Midnight King, black colt (ex Wee Midnight)

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