Azure Blade

1978 bay mare

      Bonnie Beryl
  Azure Te -r    
      Count Fleet
    Blue One  
      One Bell
Azure Blade      
      Spy Song
    Crimson Satan  
  Bedevilment -r    
      Prince Bio
    *Mirabio [FR]  

Show Results

May. 2001 - SCSC Live Show - 4th

Model Offspring

1983 - Azure Rebel, bay filly by Johnny Reb II
1984 - Irish Blade, black filly by Cyrillus
1985 - Night Star, black filly by Cyrillus, o/b Heather Trudgeon
1986 - Cryptic Dancer, black colt by Cyrillus, o/b Christie Richardson
1987 - Kommands Kitana, bay filly by Battle Kommand, o/b Carra Reinmiller
1988 -
1989 - Figure, brown colt by Relaunch -r, o/b KSW Farms
1990 - Ze Launch, grey (bay base) colt by Relaunch -r, o/b KSW Farms
1991 - Blade Music, bay colt by RD Stop The Music, o/b Emily Beauprey
1992 - Azure Kaitia, black QH filly by Gypsy Prince
1993 -
1994 - Mercenary, bay QH colt by Joe Kansas
1995 - Azure Moon, bay blanket Appaloosa filly by Full Moon Fever
1996 - Vendetta, roan QH filly by Vincent Vega, o/b Coy Stout - Winner SI:92
1997 - Switchblade, black colt by Cyrillus, o/b Erica Jelen
1998 - Gypsy Blues, buckskin filly by Gypsy Prince, 6(0-2-2-2) $1845 SI:88, o/b Heather Trudgeon
1999 -

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