Russet Noble

1988 Bay Sabino stallion
Bred by Double Hart Ranch - Cory Hartung

      Drug Dealer
    The Pusher C.G. -r  
      Go Boy's Blue Gal M
  Pusher's White Knight    
      Silver Sultan -r
    Sultan's White Rose  
      Crain's Merry Lady -r
Russet Noble      
      Ebony Masterpiece
    Ebony's Mountain Man -r  
      Mountain Gold G
  Ebony's Black Magic    
      Allen's Black Magic
    Black Magic Woman -r  
      Sun Rise Sue

Model Offspring

1994 - Amber Monarch, Amber Champagne Sabino colt (ex Amber Oak Jessamin)
2003 - Steppin Up Noble, bay tobiano colt (ex Steppin Up Blue) o/b Powers Stud

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