Wicked Thunder

1995 black Tobiano stallion

      Blackberry Winter -r
    Firewind Silver  
      Loves Silver Lining
  Sometin Wicked    
      Status Symbol
    Symbol Song -r  
      Larrymore's Melody
Wicked Thunder      
      Carnival Splendor -r
    Thunder & Lightning Domino  
      Fancy Dreamer
  Thunder Shadow    
      Touch Of Midnight
    CB Shadows In Snow  
      Costume Party

Model Offspring

1999 - Cunning Phoenix, black Tobiano filly (ex Phoenix Rose)
1999 - SR Wicked Temptation, bay colt (ex Amber Temptress) o/b Deanna Towne
1999 - Darling Daryl, black tobiano colt (ex CHF Ragtime), o/b TM Stables
2000 - Wicked Rose, black Tobiano filly (ex Phoenix Rose)
2000 - PWS I Won't Say I'm In Love, black Tobiano filly (ex Gothic Style) o/b Pinewoods Stables
2001 - SA Black Sand, black filly (ex Kalarama Storm), o/b Ariel Williamson
2001 - Nevermore, black Tobiano colt (ex Krystal Fire)
2003 - So Deloaded, black Tobiano colt (ex Gothic Queen) - o/b Pied Piper Ranch
2003 - Wicked Instinct, black Tobiano colt (ex Bitter Rose) o/b TM Stables
2005 - BM Cyclone Glamour, black Tobiano filly (ex FSR Art Of Darkness) o/b Michaela Fearn

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