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Name Bloodlines Description
(c) Heather Kapica Sahara Rhythm (Gallant Rhythm x Sahara Supreme -r, The Supreme Ace) 1979 bay, OF G1 SM ASB.
(c) Heather Kapica Kalarama Fairy (Modern Kalarama -r x Gotta Go -r, More To Go) 1981 bay tobiano, OF Stone Pebbles SR. LS RES CHAMPION, NAN Qualified
(c) Heather Kapica Amber Phoenix (Firewind Russet x Firewind Amethyst, Wonka Spritz) 1983 chestnut, OF Rejoice. PS WINNER
(c) Heather Kapica Colonial Spice (The Cloud Chaser -r x Tambeau's Spice, Trophy's Tambeau) 1983 palomino, OF Danbury Mint.
(c) Heather Kapica Mountain Mockingbird (Mountain Highland Memories -r x Miss Effie -r, Kalarama Red Light) 1984 chestnut, OF Micro.
(c) Heather Kapica Silver Phoenix (Firewind Silver x Amber Phoenix, Firewind Russet) 1987 dapple grey, OF G1 SM ASB mare. PS Placed
(c) Heather Kapica Harem Dancer (Key Commander x Sahara Rhythm, Gallant Rhythm) 1987 bay, OF G2 SM ASB mare. LS/PS Placed
(c) Heather Kapica Thunder Shadow (Thunder & Lightning Domino x CB Shadows In Snow, Touch Of Midnight) 1988 black Tobiano. OF Micro.
(c) Heather Kapica CHF Ragtime (Firewind Steele x Ragtime Rhythm, Society Rex) 1988 rose grey, CM Micro Mini. PS WINNER
(c) Heather Kapica Golden Flame (Firewind Gold x Firewind Sunspot, Sultan's Sun Spots -r) 1988 light chestnut Tobiano, OF G2 SM ASB. PS Placed.
(c) Heather Kapica Classic Byzantine (Gallant Rhythm x Sandalwood Byzantine, New Yorker -r) 1988 palomino mare, OF G2 SM ASB. LS WINNER
(c) Heather Kapica Apple Brandy (Nairb's Candi Apple x DHR's Masterpiece, Rembrandt's Masterpiece) 1989 liver chestnut mare. OF PS "Challenger".
(c) Heather Kapica Amber Temptress (Malbren Bay -r x Amber Phoenix, Firewind Russe) 1990 bay CM G2 SM ASB mare. Open: 1994 and on. LS/PS Placed.
(c) Heather Kapica Krystal Jasmine (RES Krystal Nights x RES Royale Jasmine, Cappucino Royale -r) 1990 black sabino mare.
(c) Heather Kapica Gothic Style (Sultan's American Dream x DHR's Talented One, American Gothic) 1991 bay Tobiano mare. OF Breyer NSH. PS Placed
(c) Heather Kapica CHF Different Drummer (The Great Scott x CHF Ragtime, Firewind Steele) 1992 rose grey mare. Repaint G2 SM ASB. LS Placed
(c) Heather Kapica Amber O'Shea (Lord O'Shea -r x Amber Phoenix, Firewind Russet) 1992 chestnut, OF LB ASB.
(c) Heather Kapica Sahara Elegance (Key Commander x Sahara Rhythm, Gallant Rhythm) 1992 bay, OF Stone Pebble. PS CHAMPION
(c) Heather Kapica Society Vogue (Glenknolls Moretosea -r x CHF Ragtine, Firewind Steele) 1993 chestnut extreme sabino, OF Stone Pebble. LS Res. CHAMPION
(c) Heather Kapica Fire In The Blood (All Fired Up x Blood Roses, Fleet Victory) 1994 chestnut Tobiano/Sabino mare. PS Placed
(c) Heather Kapica Kalarama Storm (Our Grey Dawn -r x Konda Gale -r, Misty Assignment) 1994 grey mare. OF G2 SM.
(c) Heather Kapica Bitter Rose (Somthin' Wicked x Valentines Day, Scecina) 1994 black Tobiano mare. OF Stone Pebbles "Darnall". LS/PS Placed
(c) Heather Kapica Gold Digger (Anachaco's Gold Commander x Apple Brandy, Nairb's Candi Apple) 1994 chestnut mare. OF SR G2 SM.
(c) Heather Kapica Siren Song (Sultan's Santana -r x My Summer Song -r, The Concert Master) 1994 chestnut mare. OF SR G2 SM
(c) Heather Kapica Summer Carnival (Carnival Mariposa -r x Silhouette's Vanity Star) 1995 palomino mare. OF JCP SR ASB Weanling. LS CHAMPION.
(c) Heather Kapica Phoenix Rose (Wild Red Roses x Amber Phoenix, Firewind Russet) 1995 flaxen chestnut mare. OF Mini.
(c) Heather Kapica Crimson Haze (Mystic Knight x Greyhawks Misty Time, Greyhawks Good Luck Charm) 1995 bay mare.
(c) Heather Kapica Gothic Queen (Key Commander x Gothic Style, Sultan's American Dream) 1996 bay Tobiano, OF Sears SR ASB Weanling. PS Winner
(c) Heather Kapica Highland Heathen (Somethin Wicked x CHF Different Drummer, The Great Scott -r) 1996 grey, OF G2 SM.
(c) Heather Kapica Debutante (Candid Society x Sea Of Champagne Lace, Cameo Sea -r) 1996 palomino Tobiano mare. CM G2 SM ASB. LS Placed
(c) Heather Kapica Byzantine Rose (Wild Red Roses x Classic Byzantine, Gallant Rhythm) 1997 chestnut mare. OF Stone Pebbles. PS Winner
(c) Heather Kapica Krystal Fire (All Fired Up x Krystal Jasmine, RES Krystal Nights) 1997 black Tobiano mare. OF G2 SM.
(c) Heather Kapica Tempest (Glenknoll's Moretosea x Amber Temptress, Malbren Bay -r) 1997 bay sabino mare. CM Pebbles.
(c) Heather Kapica Society Rose (Wild Red Roses x Society Vogue, Glenknolls Moretosea -r) 1997 chestnut sabino mare. OF Stone "My Fathers Chair".
(c) Heather Kapica Fire N Flame (All Fired Up x Golden Flame, Firewind Gold) 1997 chestnut Tobiano mare. CM SM ASB. LS Placed.
(c) Heather Kapica Midnight Jasmine (Somethin Wicked x Krystal Jasmine, RES Krystal Nights) 1998 black mare. OF G2 SM.
(c) Heather Kapica Classic Vanity (Mr. Vain -r x Classic Byzantine, Gallant Rhythm) 1998 palomino mare. OF SM. LS Placed
(c) Heather Kapica Cunning Phoenix (Wicked Thunder x Phoenix Rose, Wild Red Roses) 1999 black Tobiano mare. OF G2 SM
(c) Heather Kapica Amber Duchess (All Fired Up x Amber Phoenix, Firewind Russet) 1999 chestnut mare. OF Micro Mini. LS/PS Placed.
(c) Heather Kapica Wild Irish Rose (Wild Red Roses x Amber O'Shea, Lord O'Shea -r) 1999 chestnut mare. OF JAH SR SM ASB.
(c) Heather Kapica The Silver Queen (The Jigsaw King x Silver Phoenix, Firewind Silver) 1999 grey Tobiano mare. CM SM ASB. PS Multi Champion - LS Placed
(c) Heather Kapica Sahara Song (Hennessy x Mountain Mockingbird, Mountain Highland Memories) 1999 chestnut mare.OF Breyer resin ASB. NAN Qualified
(c) Heather Kapica Carnival Gold (Sahara Gold x Summer Carnival, Carnival Mariposa -r) 2000 palomino mare. CM Micro Mini. PS Placed
(c) Heather Kapica Crimson Courtesan (Tortuga x Crimson Haze, Mystic Knight) 2000 bay mare. CM Rejoice.
(c) Heather Kapica Winds Of Fate (Silver Solstice x Kalarama Storm, Our Grey Dawn -r) 2000 grey (chestnut base) mare. OF PS "Ridgeway" 1 of 10
(c) Heather Kapica Delirium (Gallifrey x CF Final Night Madness -r, CF First Night Out) 2000 sooty buckskin mare. OF PS Broadway
(c) Heather Kapica Wicked Rose (Wicked Thunder x Phoenix Rose, Wild Red Roses) 2000 black Tobiano mare. OF G2 SM, Target SR. LS Placed
(c) Heather Kapica Platinum Phoenix (On Angels Wings x Silver Phoenix, Firewind Silver) 2000 grey mare. OF Stone Pebbles "Gypsy". PS Placed
(c) Heather Kapica Sinful Gold (Gold Suntana -r x Harem Dancer, Key Commander) 2000 buckskin mare. OF Stone Pebbles "Delmarva".
(c) Heather Kapica Andraste (Monaco -r x Kalarama Fairy, Modern Kalarama -r) 2001 bay tobiano mare. OF Stone "VIstula".
(c) Heather Kapica Golden Compass (The Magic Mix -r x With Smoke And Mirrors --r, BNBS Winter Folly) 2001 amber champagne mare. OF Breyer Madison Avenue.
(c) Heather Kapica Society Fox (Silver Kitsune x Society Rose, Wild Red Roses) 2001 grey (chestnut) sabino mare. OF PS Caraway.
(c) Heather Kapica Sahara Vanity (Sahara Gold x Classic Vanity, Mr. Vain -r) 2002 amber champagne mare. OF SM. LS WINNER
(c) Heather Kapica Sahara Phoenix (Guinness x Sahara Elegance, Key Commander) 2002 bay mare. OF Naranda
(c) Heather Kapica Colonial Spirit (All Fired Up x Colonial Spice, The Cloud Chaser -r) 2002 palomino tobiano mare. OF Charisma
(c) Heather Kapica Kilarney Rose (Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy -r x Wild Irish Rose, Wild Red Roses) 2003 chestnut mare. OF SM.
(c) Heather Kapica Secret Society (Somethin Wicked x Commanders Crescent Society -r, Societys Hot Spot) 2003 silver black mare. OF Stone SR. NAN Qualified
(c) Heather Kapica Kamehameha (Byzantium x Butterfly, Derecho) 2003 cremello mare. OF Stone Surfer Girl
(c) Heather Kapica Phoenix Command (Commander O'shea x Platinum Phoenix, On Angel's Wings) 2004 grey mare. OF SM. 2x NAN QUALIFIED LS WINNER.
(c) Heather Kapica Byzantine Gold (Aztec Gold x Byzantine Rose, Wild Red Roses) 2004 palomino tobiano mare. OF Pierce dark variant.
(c) Heather Kapica Chicago Gothic (Chicago Park -r x Gothic Queen, Key Commander) 2004 bay tobiano mare. OF SM Porcelain. NAN QUALIFIED
(c) Heather Kapica Frosted Rose (Winsdown Hi Octane -r x Ruffles N Roses -r, High Country) 2005 grey (chestnut base) mare. OF Breyer JC Penney SR
(c) Heather Kapica Highland Silver (Firewind Silver x Highland Heathen, Somthin Wicked) 2005 grey (chestnut base) mare. OF Breyer Color Crazy mare
(c) Heather Kapica Champagne Kisses (Outta The Bottle x Debutante, Candid Society) 2005 gold cream champagne tobiano mare. CM SM
(c) Heather Kapica Ka'anapali (Sovrans Impresario -r x My Genius Kolada Kahlua -r, Sultans Santana) 2006 black mare. OOAK OF PS
(c) Heather Kapica Amuakua (Le Fantome x Secret Society, Somthin Wicked) 2008 silver bay splash. OF PS St. Croix.
(c) Heather Kapica Tundra Rose (Sterling Archer x Midnight Jasmine, Somthin Wicked) 2009 grey (black base) mare. OF PS Juneau LE.
(c) Heather Kapica Isis (Sterling Archer x Frosted Rose, Winsdown Hi Octane -r) 2009 grey (chestnut base) mare. CM SM.
(c) Heather Kapica Scandalous Cat (DS Tomcat -r x Siren Song, Sultans Santana -r) 2010 chestnut mare. CM NSH. LS Placed.
(c) Heather Kapica Shadow Society (Shadow On The Sun x Secret Society, Somthin Wicked) 2010 silver black sabino mare. OF PS Pomp And Circumstance.
(c) Heather Kapica Sugar Plum Fairy (Nutcracker Prince x Winds Of Fate, Silver Solstice) 2010 grey (chestnut) tobiano mare. OF PS Mary Margaret's Day.
(c) Heather Kapica Royal O'Shea (Nutcracker Prince x Amber O'Shea, Lord O'Shea) 2010 chestnut mare.
(c) Heather Kapica Eldritch (Ladislaus x Eldsken, Blind Man's Bluff) 2011 chestnut sabino mare. OF 2015 SM ASB.
(c) Heather Kapica Silver Rose (Silver Smoke x Wicked Rose, Wicked Thunder) 2012 grey (black) mare. OF PS Smoke Signal - Custom version.

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