Firewind Silver

1985 grey stallion

      Anachaco Denmark
    Oman's Desdemona Denmark  
      Reverie's Desdemona
  Blackberry Winter -r    
      Stonewall Supreme
    Social Hour  
      Fairy Rose
Firewind Silver      
      Carey's Night Of Love
    Love's Tuxedo -r  
      Symbol's Queen
  Love's Silver Lining    
      Quest's Silver Vanity
    Quest's Silver Melody  
      Quest's Melody

Model Offspring

1989- Somthin Wicked, black colt (ex Symbol Song -r)
1989 - Second To None, grey colt (ex Mountain Mockingbird) o/b TM Stables
1989 - Frost Queen, grey (chestnut) blanket filly (ex Royal Pleasures - Appaloosa)
1990 - Silver Phoenix, grey filly (ex Amber Phoenix)
1990 - Sterling Example, grey filly (ex PENDING) o/b Alice Horton
1991 - Silver Ragtime Girl, grey filly (ex CHF Ragtime) o/b Natasha Powers
1991 - Golden Firewind, palomino colt (ex Firewind Amber) o/b Natasha Powers
1992 - Silver Soltari, grey colt (ex Thunder Shadow) o/b Emily Beauprey
1995 - Firewind Classic, palomino filly (ex Classic Byzantine) o/b Deb King
1996 - LJ Silver Star, grey colt (ex Firewind Amber) o/b Rachel Lewis
1998 - Nevaeh, grey filly (ex CHF Different Drummer) o/b TM Stables
2001 - Ol Man Winter, grey colt (ex CHF Different Drummer) o/b TM Stables
2005 - Highland Silver, grey filly (ex Highland Heathen)

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