All Fired Up

1990 Flaxen Chestnut Tobiano stallion

      Hot August Nite
    Colour Me Hot  
      Stormy April Day
  The Color Of Fame -r    
      Commander's Cadence
    Baroness' Reverie  
      Longacre's Baroness
All Fired Up      
      Supreme Sultan
    Sultan's Excitor -r  
      Pompadour's Poppyseed
  SLM Firewind Cerise    
      Clear Command
    Belle's Surprise -r  
      Chesapeake Belle

Live Show Record

Feb. 2000 - South Coast Classic LS - 3rd
Aug. 2000 - SCSC Live Show - 1st - NAN Qualified
Sep. 2011 - GLC No Frills - 2nd Resin Gaited foal - NAN Qualified

Model Offspring

1993 - GEC's All Rhythm, bay colt by Sahara Rhythm, o/b June Darren
1993 - Burning Inferno, bay tobiano colt (ex Kalarama Fairy) o/b KSW Farms
1994 - Fire In The Blood, chestnut Tobiano filly (ex Blood Roses)
1994 - Fiery Rhythm, chestnut Tobiano colt (ex Classic Byzantine) o/b Sarah Troxell
1994 - SF's Good Lookin, chestnut Tobiano filly (ex Golden Flame) o/b Jennifer Lowe
1994 - Fiery Phoenix, chestnut Tobiano filly (ex Amber Phoenix) o/b Deb King
1994 - Little Colors Of Fire, chestnut Tobiano filly (ex Sahara Rhythm) o/b Satu Marttila
1995 - Phoenix Rising, chestnut Tobiano colt (ex Sahara Rhythm) o/b Kendra Nicolucci
1995 - Firewind Golden Girl, chestnut Tobiano filly (ex Golden Flame) o/b
1996 - Shea Farrell, chestnut Tobiano filly (ex Amber O'Shea) o/b Deb King
1997 - Alsoomse, chestnut Tobiano filly (ex Amber O'Shea) o/b Rebekka D.
1997 - Krystal Fire, black Tobiano filly (ex Krystal Jasmine)
1997 - Fire N Flame, chestnut Tobiano filly (ex Golden Flare) - PS Placed
1999 - Amber Duchess, chestnut filly (ex Amber Phoenix) - LS/PS Placed
1999 - Santa Fe's Lucky Day, bay Tobiano filly (ex Crimson Haze) o/b Jennifer Lowe
2000 - Pastoral Scene, palomino Tobiano filly (ex Debutante) o/b Amanda R.
2002 - Colonial Spirit, palomino Tobiano filly (ex Colonial Spice)
2003 - Fireball Whiskey, chestnut Tobiano colt (ex Sahara Song)
2010 - Fire My Legacy, chestnut tobiano/sabino/rabicano NSH colt (ex Snowbound Legacy) o/b KSW Farms

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